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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mother In Law and World Domination

Tomorrow, soon to be 'today' I will be meeting with my grandmother's mother Inlaw. I know it sounds exciting, but really it's going to be even more miserable than it sounds. Of course I'll smile and flatter and blather on throughout, but that doesn't mean it won't be unpleasant. Quite the contrary, it will be hell. Manipulation in itself is I suppose its own reward. Controlling someone with nothing but your words and false sincerity gives a... feeling of 'accomplishment' that I assume is what Empaths drone on and on about when doing, good, deeds.

I wonder if our two different kinds of 'feelings' of 'accomplishment' feel similar. Mine is built on power and the feline stroking of my ego and theirs I assume is some delusional feeling of completion upon helping others over themselves. I really don't know. A lot of what I have always deemed to be the truth about Empaths has been strongly disputed by some, 'experts'. This has caused me to question my perspective on my own.. perspective, so to speak. I have always harbored a view on the world tainted by my own sociopathy. I have always realized I was different in some ways, but not others. For instance, my belief has always been that it's not my lack of emotional give a fuck that was different, just my honesty about not giving a fuck.

I figured everyone was as callous as me, they just pretended to be kind and humble for attention and accolades from the rest of society. I'm not saying I don't pretend, but only when it benefits me. Not just to get a nice 'pat on the back'. That's just... ridiculous. Illogical. Insane. A complete waste of time and precious energy.

I couldn't, and still can't, possibly imagine why anyone gives a damn about Africa or Mexico or some other shitty, flea infested place like that. Sure it's unfair. If enough people in wealthy countries REALLY cared, we wouldn't be screwing those poor third world countries like we are now. But fortunately for the world, people like me run things. Do any of you woe-begone morons even comprehend what those third worlders would do in our place? They would crush us. Just as they should. Why? Because it makes sense. It's logical. The fewer nations that are in power, the greater power those few nations hold. And that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of reasons and explanations of our actions go. But I digress.

Where I live, in my group of 'friends' and in the entire area (and the world, really) there is a species of Empath I like to call the AttentionWhore, sometimes called just Whore for short. These creatures, who I will talk about in more detail in a later post, are basically the scourge of the social world. They are the Narcissists of the Empath world and they are coming for your sanity. Just as a bit of a teaser to what these Things really are and what they really do; this is a hypothesized example of a starter dialogue between two AttentionWhores planning for the next day,

A-Whore1: "I'll pretend to just notice ur bullemic anorexia if you bring attention to my super conspicuous slit wrists!"

To Be Continued...

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