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"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Friday, July 16, 2010

Manipulation and Non-related relatives

The greatest challenge any manipulator has to face is maintaining self control. That means exerting your will expertly to mould your surroundings to your liking. To control others you must first control yourself. This is what I tell myself when two seconds away from ramming a spork through someone's spinal cord. Everything I do I do for a specific, well thought out reason. I must constantly remind myself of this when pretending to relate to Inferiors. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to a sort of 'family' picnic. Some married-in 'relatives' whose blood hasn't crossed mine since Jesus made us all out of sand.

I can be anyone you want me to be. It's better than it sounds- having no real identity. Observe, Analyze, Resolve. Those three words are what guides my social interactions. Observe the mark, search for abnormalities in belief, appearance, speech etc. Analyze and create a profile based on observations. Resolve- determine the most ideal social match for the mark and imitate. Based on the goal of my social interaction I may choose different ideal identities to suit my needs. Ie. I want to make someone cry. How would I do that? Observe, Analyze, Resolve. Say I observe a lady with certain key traits that are all I would need to solve my problem. I observe her black slacks are covered in a thin layer of animal fur and there is no ring on her ring finger; she claims after some trivial conversation to have 4 dogs- all from the pound. Analyzing this data I assume she is an animal empathizer as well as an animal lover. To resolve I see that her greatest love must be her animals- she has no one else.

The perfect profile to achieve my goal would be a pathetic animal lover like herself, who recently lost the only creature in the world who 'truly understood her'. First I would create a quick bond by relating a humorous story about my last pet. I would endear her to him and then reveal his passing. I would relate his importance to me and my resulting loneliness at his passing. I would remind her of herself which is apparently a key component to empathy. This connection between her and I would set her mirror neurons aflame and she would be as glossy eyed as a doped fish. This was a recent experience I had waiting in line at the post office. My point is, now that I've forgotten, is control is the key to any successful endeavor. If I had allowed myself to reveal my true disgust and distaste for her pathetic life I would have lost control of the entire situation. Basically, this post was a roundabout way for me to remind myself that there are better alternatives of revenge than just bludgeoning members of my non-related-family. I am also reminding myself that these people are rich and it would be a waste of all my efforts of trying to get into some of those Wills. One down, who knows how many to go?

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