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"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Death and our Perceptions

The hardest thing for people to comprehend about the Sociopath is our utter and complete lack of empathy (although I do believe there are levels of sociopathy and some may be more or less 'emotionless' than others). It's funny how a lack of empathy, shame and regret can effect so many other 'feelings' and 'emotions'. Take disgust for instance. Most people who look at the above image would cringe in disgust. That's not to say a Sociopath won't find it somewhat revolting, but the reasonings behind the 'feeling' are different. The Sociopath may deem the image as sloppy, dirty and simply messy, and therefore may categorize it under the term 'disgusting'. A 'normal' Empath (not saying all Empaths are the same) would find that revolting not only because it is 'messy' and bloody and gorey but because it is a tragic loss of human life or somesuch nonsense. I've never been able to comprehend the same Empaths who won't blink an eye at the sight of the mangled roadkill just run down by their tires, but will sob and balk at the 'senseless' loss of human life and argue that it is not the same. At least as a Sociopath I am consistent. I care about no life but my own and those who benefit me. The only delusional beliefs I hold are about myself and that's just that little nibble of Narcissism in me that makes me the charming catch that I am.

"Do the animals know they are going to die? The men who kill them claim they don't. But when the machinery begins to rumble and the conveyor belts start to roll, sounds that expedite death are heard by animal and man alike."- Francis B Gross


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wow you're so romantic