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"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Friday, July 2, 2010

Malignant Narcissistic Personality-Maybe me?

I recently came across a very interesting new branch of Narcissism/Sociopathy, called Malignant Narcissistic personality. Basically it is a hybrid mix between Sociopathy and Narcissism. A person with MNPD is a sociopath with extremely narcissistic tendencies, more so than normal, and also a higher level of paranoia and lack of impulse control. It is not "officially' registered in the DSM, but I generally believe that thing is a crock of shit anyways.

I honestly do not believe Sociopathy is a 'disorder', in the sense that, it does not need to be treated. Which is why I do not generally refer to it as APD or, Antisocial Personality 'Disorder'. I understand that a disorder is an irregularity, and Sociopathy is just that, but, not only do I believe it impossible to treat, but unnecessary as well.

Instead of viewing the world as black and white we view it as one giant sea of grey. There is no distinction between right and wrong- it simply does not exist. There is no 'higher being' who dictates the boundaries of so called 'morality'. Our society has created the illusion of the importance of man. In reality we are insignificant and doomed to eventual extinction, just like everything else.

The Sociopath recognizes the importance placed on societal norms, and in order to put themselves in a higher station, are sure to appear to blend in with those norms perfectly. More so in most cases than an average everyday Empath. It is our specialty and a necessity of our existence. A stupid psychopath is a caged psychopath. A stupid psychopath is a soon to be Crisp psychopath. Always keep that in mind.

Although that brings me to another great topic. Later on, perhaps tomorrow I will begin to discuss the different kinds of sociopath. Like any other group of people we are each our own individual and unique self. Some of us have violent and deviant urges, some of us are fairly placid and merely wish to continue on peacefully in our existence, some of us are more easily prone to boredom and a rare few of us actually purposefully perpetuate 'good' for no reason at all. I'll delve further into this tomorrow.

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