Take a Peak Behind the Mask

"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Is what makes humanity weak. The most pathetic species in existence- at least for the duration of this post anyway. We all have them. And by 'we' I mean everyone but me. The point is faux empathy has become a global pandemic (redundant phrasing, I know). And the 'sincere' version's no better. By faux I mean it's fake, but not how a socio fakes it. It's become a fad. Haiti, New Orleans, Uganda; no one gives half a damn about any of these places. But, each of these places at one time or another became the focal point of what I like to call, Fad Empathy. Basically, if you couldn't get the definition from the obvious name, Fad Empathy is when as a result of the media or some other brain washing social source a slew of people pretend to care about a specific place or group of people in order to look 'cool' and 'fit in'. It's a fascinating phenomenon really. It annoys the shit out of me.

As soon as the fad is over, when there's no more hype and it's no longer 'cool' to care people stop. Just like that. And I'm supposed to be the emotionless bastard here? Not true. What I am is, I'd like to say honest. We all know that's not true but if I'm a liar then it makes sense for me to lie, right? Everything I do is for a reason. It may seem warped to the outside world but I don't give a damn about the outside world- I give a damn about Me. That's the difference. Normals lie because they want their peers to view them in a certain way. Not for a specific personal gain, but because they want the FEELING of acceptance. I can't relate to that.

That's not to say I don't relate to many, many Empaths. That's just not true. I know I talk like it's Me vs Them but I recognize there is a special sub-species of Empath that I have oodles of traits in common with. The Asshole, also known as, the Bitch, Jerk, Jackass or Bastard. They're my favorite Empaths because they're just so much easier to get along with. So much more straight forward and just simply fun. They insult, demean and manipulate and couldn't care less how wounded my inner-feelings could be. I can honestly say they're a true pleasure to watch in action.

I'm an avid protester of the mundane. I enjoy excitement but don't like to show it. Fear is my favorite emotion. I rarely feel it, but when I do I love to confront it. To intensify the feeling. It's almost a sexual experience-a rush. I don't fear fear, I seek it out. I enjoy it. I provoke pain. I suppose I've always been wired a bit backwards. The word for it I believe is, I'm a Masochist. As well as a Sadist, and a slew of other most likely 'disturbing' identities. My favorite toy is my personal set of razor sharp kitchen knives (less suspicious when it's normal). They're of course, never used for preparing food- that'd just be a waste. Maybe I have a knife fetish? Or perhaps the more broad 'Pointy Death-devices' fetish. Who knows?

Remember Socios,
"When dealing with people [Empaths], remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion." --Dale Carnegie


Anonymous said...

I realized
your writing is too refined, which is brilliant but
TOO refined that it feels like reading a label of chemical substances included in shampoo. Your articles SHOULD be fun but they give me pressure to restrain my emotion. I feel like being threatened 'Do not show your emotion, do not enjoy it, I DON'T WANT you to' when I read your writing.
is it only me?

ZKM said...

You read the blogs of psychopaths for warm and fuzzy feelings?
Me too!
But you're not doing it right dear.

I write like I think, which is sarcastic, biting and playful. This is a blog representing a minority of decidedly unemotional people. I feel you can get tincan comedy writing anywhere. Although I'm not sure I understand you because I personally, find my writing humorous and fun. Much more interesting than a Shampoo bottle, or perhaps I'm using the wrong brand?

Anonymous said...

I'd be very glad if someoone says my writing looks like shampoo bottle label! It's a compliment!