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"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Friday, July 30, 2010

To Read or Not to Read

I like to read. I engage in very few activities that could be considered hobbies and reading is one of those few. I suppose I have two reasons for this; one, is because as much as I hate cliches, knowledge is indeed power; and two, in order to create a plausible character you must have the ability to analyze and break down the components of the average human- that is what I do everyday. Why not analyze another's analysis of the human race? It's not like I have anything better to do.

I once read a Sidney Sheldon book about a series of inexplicable things that happened to three women. It was long enough ago that I don't quite recall all the details but basically, by the end of the story you realize there aren't three women- just one. One single woman who has multiple personality disorder. One was a murder, one was a whore, and the other.. just the boring old original.

Everyone has different aspects to their personality. All the aspects of mine I am fully aware of. I have more identities than she could fathom but unlike her, I choose mine both consciously and carefully. I do believe I have one core personality though, but it is completely uninteresting. Uninteresting and totally uninterested. With a longer list of dislikes than likes. But I see no downside to being shallow. It's actually kind of... fun.

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