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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Late Night Rant

1:20 AM, a perfect time for a little bit of late night (early morning?) bitching. For one, I have no clue how the hell you turn off a digital watch alarm clock. They seem to HAVE to be set at some time that they go off at every single fucking day. And gods help you if you lose it, that damn beepbeep beepbeep beepbeep will follow you into the fiery depths of hell but apparently, only if you're sleeping. How delightful.

Add on top of that the ridiculous amount of work I have to do coupled with being chatted up by the same asshole you want drawn and fucking courtered, and you have the makings of one massive killing spree. Speaking of mass murders; recently I've been perusing a comic book by the name of 'Johny The Homicidal Maniac', or JTHM for short. Basically the premise of the story, is about a psychotic emo who slaughters all the people who pick on him, in order to use their blood to paint one of the walls of his house he believes leads to the spirit world. If the coat of paint dries, the evil spirits will come attack him. Brilliant.

I mean, sure he's a bit too emotional for my tastes, but some of the demented tortures he inflicts on his 'tormentors' are hilarious. Not quite as warped as my own imagination but, I'm positive a book THAT demented would be illegal in several developed countries. The prudes. The drawings in the book almost reminded me of a notebook I used to keep with me in grade/middle school. The drawings were in a similar stick-style and basically it was my Death Book. Anyone who pissed me off I'd devote a space or a page or pages (depending on how much I hated them) on thinking up and drawing out elaborate tortures/murder scenarios. From falling out of a plane onto a pit of spikes to being pulled apart by Rhinos then eaten by suddenly cannibalistic Giraffes, I drew it all. Such good times.

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