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Friday, August 13, 2010

Divorce Is In the Air

But isn't it always? A common figure that's thrown around these days is that 50 percent of marriages eventually end in divorce. Mathematically that makes sense, since the only two viable ends to marriage are divorce and death. So two options... into a hundred... EUREKA! You get 50%! What a brilliant deduction. But I suppose no one really believes in the accuracy of theoretical probability.

Honestly, if I were an Empath, what I would find more disturbing is what percentage of those remaining 50 percent are absolutely miserable until they finally kick the bucket. How many people are stuck due to financial problems or merciless religious beliefs forcing them to stay with the asshole/bitch they didn't realize they were marrying?

The 'institution' of marriage has always been in the shitter. Christians, etc, have always been worried some minority would ruin their 'sacred' practice, when in reality, let's face it, marriage has never been about 'love' or 'devotion. No no no. It's been about power, wealth, and getting the fucking kids out of the house. Sure, occasionally someone gets lucky and dies a few years after taking the plunge, and therefore, had a happy marriage, but obviously at LEAST 50 percent of marriages are 'swimmin' with the fishes' so to speak. Fifty-percent is the base number. How fucking depressing is that Empaths?

And I'M the one with the disorder? I think not. Idiotic, moron, sludge-for-brains Empaths. With your fucking "love conquers all" quotes and philosophies. When will you ever learn? Emotions will kill you. And it's rarely ever quick and painless either.

I see it all the time. Everyday, every second of every minute of every hour someone, somewhere, is weakly trying to pull the rusty dagger out of their heart, or their back, or some other place only a 'loved one' could reach. I absolutely fucking love it. "Love," is like a vile, festering disease, where the only cure is a few cold showers early on before the illness spreads.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Apparently not.

"If love is a battlefield, I'm all for world piece"

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