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"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, today was absolutely dull, but then again, so is everyday. Few things in life give me any type of real excitement, which is why I seek out those few things ruthlessly. I find violence absolutely beautiful, and it is late in the night and that will have to account for my flowery prose atm. That's actually why I'm going to med school; the sight of mangled, brutalized Beings gives me the 'giggles' so to speak. Did I mention I'm sadistic?

I imagine the motivation behind my career choice would bother some people.. but I don't see why. Who cares why people do what they do, when either way it helps society? People are so.. so.. emotional. Everything they do has to have some kind of emotional connotation. Social norms absolutely baffle me.

Take this example for instance; a guy gets in a car accident with his two kids in the car. They die, he survives. He looks like he feels shitty, someone says
"Aww, don't blame yourself'.
He says "Umm, I don't. Wasn't my fault, why would I think that?"

You'd think, she'd say "oh that's good", but nooo, now he's an asshole BECAUSE he's not blaming himself. The intricacies of these kinds of social interactions have taken me ages to grasp. But as they say you often know What before you know Why. For instance, humans knew that when they put their hand in fire their hand automatically shot away, long before we knew anything of nerve endings and reflexes.

Of course I'm ranting. Hopefully over time I get better at staying on topic, although I'm not sure exactly what that topic is... Perhaps I should hire someone to give me prompts. They'd have to be good though... "Would you rather use a 4m butterknife knife, or a 3 oz , 6 ft long plastic bat as a murder weapon? Why?"
Now there's a prompt. Maybe I'll actually answer that later

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I prefer your former writing style