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"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Monday, March 28, 2011

Being Personable

I can be a very charming person when I want to be. Engaging, articulate and caring. People see charm as a cheesy sort of thing. Corny compliments delivered with a saccharine smile. That has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Charm has nothing to do with kissing ass or sugarcoating words. It is the ability to analyze the desires of another human being, and give them exactly what they want, consciously. Psychopaths know what people want. Why? Because we listen. Instead of letting our non-existent emotional tumult distract us, we can take in the communication of others. Simple observation and an ear for detail is all the sheet music you need to play someone like a fiddle.

That's not to say it's something I do all the time. A common misconception is that psychopaths are constantly preying and manipulating. Not true. I am always aware, always observing, but manipulation serves a purpose. It's interesting how vulnerable people really are. Insecurity is an epidemic, and although that must seem wretched to the self-loving empath, as a Shadow of humanity it makes living all the more entertaining.

Affection is a beautiful thing. A little of it goes a long way. Showing desire or even simple fondness for someone fills a whole in some people they'd do anything to keep filled. That is why domestic violence exists.

I am a person that does not feign this fondness often. It is not necessary in the surroundings I have immersed myself in to appear anything more than shallow and a bit rough around the edges. The chances I have to act out to the fullest fill me with amusement and creativity. How far can I make someone go? The problem however, is the consequence of such good fun--attachment. I hate when they get too attached. Now I have someone following me around like a puppy and no amount of abuse can shake them off.

Being personable can be fun, just like any mask. The draw is not only the charisma and sheer acting it takes to pull off, but the filmy deceit of it all. But perhaps I'm just in an eccentric mood.

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