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"Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong."- Adolf Hitler

Friday, September 16, 2011

Zwang Zhawq Spock!

A situation has come up with our dear friend and author of Psychopathic Writings, Zhawq. A situation I, as a concerned citizen and member of the Psychopathic Attentionwhores committee cannot allow to go unmentioned. It seems Our Friend has made some enemies who, found it amusing to post some information about other aliases and sites he frequents. Amusing? Yes. But terribly impressive? No.

The whole issue itself has brought up thoughts that I feel I must force onto a semi-willing audience (that'd be you). Just as I suspected, morbidly curious readers view both my and other sociopaths' blogs with not a single ounce of retention. You read my words and dilute them to fit your own reality. For that reason I'll go through a little 'mini-review lesson' to refresh your withering memories.

Psychopaths don't give two shits to social norms and mores. We don't ignore just the 'cool ones' to ignore, but also the 'embarassing, loserish, ridiculous' taboos as well. The psychopath that attacked Zhawq is a clever boy that realized the best way to irritate a psychopath is not to embarass or humiliate him, since that isn't possible. It's to sick a horde of irritating empaths on him that disallow him to enjoy his normal recreational activities. For Our Friend that activity is blogging.

World of Warcraft isn't 'cool'. Being fat isn't cool. Frequent smiling and a friendly demeanor are definitely, definitely not 'cool' either. So what? Do psychopaths care? I sure don't. I'm glad this happened, I'm glad this came up because it sheds a BRIGHT light on the reality of sociopathy idiotic empaths ignore. We're not your fucking role models.

People aren't successful, then become sociopaths. Sociopaths are people who just happen to have traits that breed success. Confidence, charm, a tongue of the finest silver. The problem with society today is everyone's a loser except the hotshots on TV. And I hate to break it to you but, they aren't real. You all seem to have self-esteem so low it's pathetic. Instead of taking your collective-unhappiness as motivation to create a society tolerant of diversity (a society you ALL could thrive in),  you take the easier, pettier route of belittling others as a way to create the illusion that you yourselves have ascended. Did I already say pathetic?

For those of you that think it's Zhawq's pride being attacked, your observation skills need a little polishing. No matter how many ants try to throw rocks at you, I'm pretty sure you'll survive unscathed. Though from the perspective of another insect it'd seem quite a dangerous situation to walk into, the reality is quite different.

I won't deny a very impressive manipulation is taking place. However, the fact that it's even possible irritates the part of me that prefers its prey with a bit of density in its brain. The predators involved are above reproach. They're only doing what they do best; entertaining themselves. But you, the self-righteous empaths that email me preaching about the errors of my ways, and even MORE so you, the weak-willed souls hoping to manufacture a cloak of sociopathy of your own, shame on you for promoting such an amusing injustice.

Are the accusations true? The answer is irrelevant. Our Friend writes an accurate and insightful blog that sheds a light on psychopathy few others can match in vibrancy or luminosity. I don't care if he's a ninety-eight year old tranny from Nantucket, he's providing a valuable service (and I don't mean 99 cent blowjobs). A service you have the choice to indulge in or not. I for one, am thankful.

Thank you Intimate Stranger and Dearest Friend I've never spoken to, for writing about the things I don't want to! Without people like you, people like me would have much less time to wax-poetic about ourselves. For that I'll be forever grateful.

“The worthiest people are the most injured by slander, as is the best fruit which the birds have been pecking at”

-- Jonathan Swift

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